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And we are here to bring smart automation to your daily tasks: connect people, send multiple messages, track sales activities on LinkedIn in auto mode!

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Chrome Extension

Launch your sales campaigns in one click when you are on LinkedIn

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Online Solution

Set your campaigns, filter and save leads, get all statistics online

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All features you need for LinkedIn automation

Campaign master

Dooozen allows you to send personalized messages, connection requests and follow-ups in automatic mode. In a few minutes, you can create and run a multi-step campaign!

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Advanced search system

Search and filter new and existing connections without a need to get back to LinkedIn every time when you launch a new campaign.

Dooozen remembers your activities on LinkedIn and helps to avoid repeated actions.

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Statistics for smart prospecting

Dooozen helps you to assess the efficiency of your prospecting on LinkedIn thanks to advaced statistics. Know more about your acceptance and reply rates and create more efficient campaigns!

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Make your networking quick and less time-consuming!

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Common questions

What is LinkedIn automation?

When you do prospecting on LinkedIn, grow your network of contacts, look for new employees, you may use tools that can automate such processes as sending connection requests and messages. LinkedIn automation tools are aimed at helping you to avoid the manual job.

How can I send mass messages on LinkedIn?

Dooozen makes the process of mass messaging on LinkedIn simple and pleasant. Search for people on LinkedIn or Sales Navigator, export contacts to Dooozen via our Chrome Extension, set up the message, which you would like to send. You can also set up multiple follow-ups by creating a sequence of messages.

Can I personalize my messages and connection requests?

Sure, you can! While setting up your campaign on Dooozen, you can personalize your note message, message to first level connection, or InMail. Dooozen will automatically insert the name of a person, whom you would like to connect with or write a message.

How many messages and connection requests can I send?

Dooozen sets up safe limits for sending messages and connection requests. This is made to save your account from being restricted or blocked by LinkedIn. You can send max 150 connection requests and 100 messages per day. But, we suggest you go with fewer numbers, especially if you are just starting your activities on LinkedIn.

Is it safe to use LinkedIn automation tools?

Yes, it is! If you do not send spam, repeated, or annoying messages to your prospects, it is completely safe for your account to use Dooozen daily.

What are the best LinkedIn automation tools in 2021?

There are many LinkedIn automation tools on the market, but we believe that Dooozen has everything you need to succeed on LinkedIn. In 90% cases, our clients use Dooozen for sending auto messages, connection requests, checking statistics, and filtering their contacts. If there is smth that you would like to add to Dooozen, you are welcome to contact us and we will predict this feature in the next release.

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