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Campaign master

Dooozen allows you to send personalized messages, connection requests and follow-ups in automatic mode. In a few minutes, you can create and run a multi-step campaign!

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Advanced search system

Search and filter new and existing connections without a need to get back to LinkedIn every time when you launch a new campaign.

Dooozen remembers your activities on LinkedIn and helps to avoid repeated actions.

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Statistics for smart prospecting

Dooozen helps you to assess the efficiency of your prospecting on LinkedIn thanks to advaced statistics. Know more about your acceptance and reply rates and create more efficient campaigns!

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Common questions

What is LinkedIn automation?

When you do prospecting on LinkedIn, grow your network of contacts, look for new employees, you may use tools to automate your routine work. Thanks to LinkedIn automation tools, you can connect people, send balk messages and follow-ups in auto-mode. It means that you save your time and do not waste your time doing a monkey job. When combined with other outbound marketing tools, LinkedIn automation solutions can become a powerful tool for lead generation, sales prospecting, and recruiting.

How can I send mass messages on LinkedIn?

Dooozen makes the process of mass messaging on LinkedIn pleasant and straightforward. Search for people on LinkedIn or upload your list of 1st level contacts, set up the chain of messages, and launch your campaign in one click. Our campaign master allows you to personalize your messages, set up delays between follow-ups. Daily, you can send up to 50 messages to your 1st level contacts. We have set up the limit to ensure that you stay safe while doing LinkedIn automation.

Can I personalize my messages and connection requests?

While setting up your campaign on Dooozen, you can personalize your note message, messages to first-level connections, InMails. Dooozen will take a person's name on LinkedIn and automatically add it to your message. We suggest that you constantly personalize your not messages and messages to 1st level connection. It will positively impact your response rate.

How many messages and connection requests can I send?

Dooozen team takes care of your safety. Your automation campaign has to be human-like to avoid restrictions and blocks on LinkedIn. On Dooozen, you can send up to 50 connection requests and up to 50 messages to your first-level connections per day. It means that in total, you can reach out to 100 LinkedIn members daily.

Is it safe to use LinkedIn automation tools?

Dooozen team knows how it is essential to stay safe while doing LinkedIn automation. To ensure the safety of your account, we have developed and implemented our security policies that altogether make Dooozen safe. First, we have limited the number of actions you can perform daily on LinkedIn. Second, we have set up time limits for activities you can do on LinkedIn daily. Third, we do not inject LinkedIn interface and override platforms limits for actions.

What is the best LinkedIn automation tool to use in 2022?

LinkedIn is the most popular network for social selling, setting up personal and business brands, lead generation, and sales prospecting. That's why more and more marketing agencies develop and offer tools to automate some routine work on LinkedIn that most of the network's users experience. At Dooozen, we believe that our tool has everything you need to succeed on LinkedIn. When using Dooozen for LinkedIn automation, you can set up your sales campaign and connect people, send messages and follow-ups, and improve your campaigns' performance thanks to advanced statistics modules. Dooozen consists of 2 parts, Chrome Extension and Web Application. Both pieces are easy to use and will make your lead generation experience on LinkedIn great.

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