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12 tips to increase the response rate of your InMails campaign

How Do I Increase my InMail Response Rate on LinkedIn?


LinkedIn is a social network designed specifically for the business community. Serving the same functions as Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels, it is aimed at establishing professional relationships and growing your career. Nowadays, over 65 million professionals use LinkedIn to cultivate their careers and businesses. LinkedIn has numerous benefits for B2B companies and also has distinct benefits for B2C companies.


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When you are prospecting on LinkedIn or hiring, you shouldn’t forget about InMails, an effective instrument for all salespeople and recruiters using this social network. Due to the fact that you have a limited number of InMails per month (Sales Navigator allows you to send 20 InMails per month), you should aim to create reply-worthy messages in order to increase the LinkedIn InMails response rate. Which factors impact the response rate statistics? How can you increase this? In the following article, we will spell out the main tips on how to attract attention to your offer.




Finding Your InMail Response Rate

What is an InMail? InMail is a message which you are able to write to people outside your network. InMails are only available in Sales Navigator, a paid LinkedIn solution, and for LinkedIn Premium users. If you use the free version of LinkedIn, you can write messages only to those people who are currently in your network, but with the help of Sales Navigator and InMails you can write messages to people with whom you are not yet connected. If there is any reason you need to contact a person outside your network, InMails can facilitate this. That’s why this tool is so often used by sales representatives and hiring managers.


Generally, the effective LinkedIn InMail response rate starts around 60-70%. To work it out, you have to divide the number of responses you receive by the total number of InMails you send. For example, if you sent 10 InMails and you received 6 responses, the InMail response rate would be:


Response rate = (6/10)*100% = 60%.


The 12 Most Important Tips on How to Increase the Response Rate of Your InMails Automation Campaign:

1. Begin your InMail with an attention-grabbing subject.

2. Make it personal, and point out common ground.

3. Keep it short and sweet.

4. Test the best time to send an InMail.

5. Add a call-to-action to your InMail.

6. Finish your InMail with a polite phrase.

7. Add a signature.

8. Target people who already want to hear from you.

9. Don’t give them everything – tap into a candidate’s FOMO to get them curious about a role.

10. Speak directly to them – and don’t be afraid of giving compliments.

11. Strike common ground – use a shared interest, background, or acquaintance in order to instantly bond.

12. Have the hiring manager send a message – candidates are more likely to respond if a potential future boss reaches out to them.


Begin Your InMail With an Attention-grabbing Subject

The first thing a recipient notices is the subject of your InMail. Statistics say that 35% of people tend to open a message if the subject catches their attention and resonates with them. The first thing is to make it personal; this will convince a person to open your InMail which is half the battle. Secondly, the subject should be short and direct; you have to write in very few words why this InMail should be opened and what you want to discuss.


Make It Personal, and Point Out Commonalities

The best way to begin your InMail is to write the name of the person you are addressing. You should create the impression that this InMail is not generic. Before writing an InMail, look through the profile of a person, their company’s page, the content posted, and search for some hooks to include in your InMail. Whether the startup received funding or the company expanded, these are good points to mention, and your InMail will be personal.


Keep It Short and Sweet

Though Sales Navigator allows you to write long InMails (you have 1900 characters for a message body and 200 characters for a subject), it is not a good idea to make it too long, as nobody will read it. Get straight to the point about your goal, as you have to disclose all the relevant information in relatively few sentences. Explain what you do and the reason for writing an InMail to this person. People don’t usually read much text. Generally, they spend no more than 3 seconds to decide if this message is worth reading.


Remember to indicate the ways in which you can help this person, and how you can satisfy their professional requirements. If they are interested, they will answer your message, and you will be able to send more information as per their request. Do not flood your InMail with dozens of links, as this could be reported as spam by a recipient.


Compose the main idea in two to three sentences and add a call-to-action. For example:




My name is (name). I’m a marketing representative at (title of your company). We develop custom software for logistics and supply chain companies.


We are interested in sharing our case studies on your platform and publishing articles in this section (link). Could you share more details about how could we post an article on your platform? We look forward to hearing from you!




Test the Best Time to Send an InMail

When you are doing lead generation on LinkedIn, you have to remember that it is not only important what message you send, but also when you send it. You have to hit the right time. Sure, you can try sending InMails on different days and at different times, but the best option is to send messages during the working day (not forgetting about different time zones), not too early in the morning, too late at night, or at the weekend or holidays.


Add a Call-to-action to Your InMail

After you have written the most important information and the reason why you contacted someone, finish your InMail with a call-to-action. This could be a suggestion to schedule a Skype call or to send relevant case studies, etc. In this way you are encouraging the recipient to respond and continue the conversation.


Finish Your InMail with a Polite Phrase

It is always a good idea to finish your InMail with one of the following phrases:

  • Looking forward to your response!
  • I’d love to hear some feedback from you!
  • Have a great week ahead!
  • Looking forward to hearing from you!

Politeness is something you should always bear in mind when you write a message to somebody you do not know personally, because you are entering their private space. Try not to annoy them and always remember to be courteous.


Add a Signature

Sales Navigator allows you to add a signature to your InMails. You can create it once and it will automatically be added to all your InMails. Your signature should contain your name, position, the company you represent, link to the company’s website, and the best communication channel to get in touch with you (email, WhatsApp number, etc.)


InMail signature


Target People Who Already Want to Hear From You

If you actively share relevant content with an audience, check who is constantly engaging with your publications. People who always react to your posts are more likely to answer, as they already appreciate your content. Content marketing on LinkedIn helps to figure out these engaged people and how often they view your activity. This is all about the importance of building a personal brand on LinkedIn.


Don’t Give Them Everything – Tap into a Candidate’s FOMO to Get Them Curious About a Role

If you are a hiring manager, the first message to the candidate needs to be like a small trap for further communication. Try to get as much information about the person as possible from their profile. Check any groups the candidate is involved in and then ask questions to learn more. When you see that all your additional questions have been answered, then ask for a call and extend the conversation. Your aim is to build a warm partnership instead of just headhunting, and raise your LinkedIn InMail response rate.


Speak Directly to Them – and Don’t Be Afraid of Giving Some Compliments

Kind words are always a good way forward and can help you to be more successful. So, before writing a Linkedin InMail message, browse over the person’s profiles on other social media to check more activities and information which you can engage them in discussion about. Then you can include a few compliments related to what you saw with this candidate. However, do not over-do it and ensure you remain genuine – it is never advisable to be obsequious.


Strike Common Ground –Use a Shared Interest, Background, or Acquaintance in Order to Instantly Bond

Hobbies and common interests connect people, so check the activity of any candidates, and posts they liked on Linkedin. These common interests will help to communicate more efficiently and understand each other better. Ask questions related to some topics and find out more about how deeply the person is involved with this.


Have the Hiring Manager Send a Message – Candidates Are More Likely to Respond if a Potential Future Boss Reaches Out to Them

If you are not a recruiter, but a business owner, then the level of loyalty towards you is far higher. Candidates like to communicate with owners directly because they can then ask more details about the company and team. The chance to increase your LinkedIn InMail response rate is higher if you mention directly that you are looking for an employee for your own business.


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