5 Cases When LinkedIn Automation Is Absolutely Irreplaceable

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5 Cases When LinkedIn Automation Is Absolutely Irreplaceable

Right now, LinkedIn is the best social network, which helps its users find potential customers and partners and to grow their professional network. While working with LinkedIn, you deal with a number of routine tasks daily, which takes a lot of time. LinkedIn does not allow you to automate those actions, but there is a solution – LinkedIn automation tools.


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LinkedIn automation is the process that could bring any salesperson prominent results, but only if it is done in the right way. That’s why, before launching your first campaign you have to be aware of the pros and cons of LinkedIn automation to make the proper decision.


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But, there are a number of cases when LinkedIn automation is absolutely irreplaceable or is difficult to be replaced.




1. Sending mass invitations to 1st level connections


In a number of cases, the first step of your LinkedIn campaign is to send mass invitations to your 1st level connections, which are your prospecting clients with whom you connected a while ago and probably had some conversation. And now you might have a need to send them a message. For example, if you are helding an event and would like to invite them to join it or if you would like to share a new important article or a case study, or if you are planning a road show and would like to send invitations to meet.


In this case, when you need to send 300-600-1000 or more messages to 1st level connections, you definitely need to use a LinkedIn automation tool which will save you a lot of time. Just define your target audience, collect a list, create a campaign, create a proper message and start your campaign in one click. As a result, you will receive ready leads, people who are interested in your services, and you can directly get into communication with them.




2. Active blogging


This point is a little bit similar to the previous one. When you actively post relevant content on LinkedIn, for example, professional articles, posts, etc, you may send them to opinion leaders in a particular industry in order to receive feedback, increase the conversion, and start a conversation. In this case you also need to send a lot of similar messages, so a LinkedIn automation tool will definitely help you to save a lot of time.






3. Intro during or after conferences


If you are attending a conference or event (especially online) with the aim of networking, you should understand that the more people you reach, the bigger chance to get new clients you have. For sure, such routine during or after conferences require a lot of manual work – find people on LinkedIn and collect a list manually, but, then, instead of sending messages manually and spending a lot of time for that task, you can use a LinkedIn automation tool and create a campaign quickly.




4. Lead generation on LinkedIn – mass audience


If you would like to focus on a mass audience, for example, sending invitation requests with a general note message, not individual ones, using LinkedIn automation tools is irreplaceable here.


The only steps you should do are:

  • define and narrow a target audience;
  • create a note message and a follow-up message;
  • create a new automation campaign and start it.




5. Candidates search – Recruiters


If you are a recruiter and you are looking for candidates to fill the vacancy, reaching people through a LinkedIn automation tool is the best choice. For sure, in addition to manual individual work. With the help of those tools you will cover a broad audience and will quicker find those who are open for new opportunities and are interested in vacancy description.


To summarize, if you are using LinkedIn for your everyday work, whether you are doing lead generation, hiring, searching for a job, or extending your professional network, you have a lot of tasks which you should perform daily, such as sending connection requests, sending follow-up messages, sending messages to people from your network, sending invitations to join a group, sending InMails, etc. If you use any automation tool, you do not have to perform those tasks manually, which, as a result, means you have free time for more important tasks such as establishing fruitful relationships with the prospecting clients, closing sales, etc.


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1. Which LinkedIn automation tools are the most popular nowadays?

Nowadays the most popular tools for LinkedIn automation are Dux-Soup, LinkedHelper, and Lead-Connect. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages due to the different amount and complexity of the functions they perform.


2. How many LinkedIn messages can I send?

There is no strict limit on the number of messages you can send daily, but we suggest you not exceed the amount of 100 messages per day, otherwise, your activity may be considered as spam, and your LinkedIn account may be restricted.


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