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Dooozen is going live: welcome to start your LinkedIn automation!

Dear All!


Our team is happy to let everyone know that the first version of is live now! If you plan to automate your activities on LinkedIn, we welcome you to try the solution, which has been publicly available on Google Chrome Store since December 2021. All you need to start your first campaign on LinknedIn is to install our Chrome Extension and create an account at




After you create an account and connect your LinkedIn, you can:

  1. Export contacts from LinkedIn and or use your own lists of contacts.
  2. Create multi-step campaigns to send connection requests and follow-up messages in auto-mode.
  3. Measure the performance of your campaigns and see how many connection requests were accepted how well your leads and prospects reacted to your messages.

Watch this 5-minutes video to see how you can set up your first campaign:



The current version of Dooozen is FREE for use. Lots of new features are coming soon! Subscribe to our newsletter to know the latest news about features coming and automation on LinkedIn:


If you wish to know more about Dooozena and how you can utilize our tool,  do not hesitate to set up a Demo call with our team:



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