Dooozen: LinkedIn automation tool

All you need to avoid routine work on LinkedIn

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Main features

Automate your messaging and networking

Connect people, create chains of messages and follow-ups in automated mode.

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Manage your own network of contacts

Use advanced search filters and tagging to navigate through your contacts!

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Track the story of your activities on LinkedIn

Keep your LinkedIn account safe and do not spam your network thanks to the story!

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Change your sales tactics based on statistics

Increase the performance of your sales campaigns, see messages and actions that work better!

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Campaign master

Auto-message 1st degree connections

Auto-connect people

Send multiple follow-up messages

Personalize each message and connection request

Create campaigns: sequences of actions

Manage multiple campaigns simultaneously

Track the status of campaigns

Connect and message Premium users only

Invitations auto-canceler (as a part of campaign and separate function)


Reply-rate tracking

See campaign statistics


1 click sign-in: use Google Account

Trial period - 14 days

Network management

Export contacts from LinkedIn

See recent exports from LinkedIn

Filter contacts based on previous activities

Add contacts to campaign without the need to use LinkedIn search every time

Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator: work with contacts

Sales Navigator: Auto InMails


Export contacts | profiles from Dooozen - CSV


Keeping Calm while Dooozen working


Focus on campaigns

Dooozen allows you to create multi-step campaigns, set up multiple follow-up messages and InMails.

Thanks to Dooozen you will be able to track the efficiency of your sales campaigns and to bring your social selling to the next level!

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Statistics for smart prospecting

Dooozen helps you to measure the performance of your LinkedIn automation campaigns. It tacks acceptance and reply rates across all your campaigns and gives you all the information needed for decision making!

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Advanced search system

Dooozen helps you to narrow your target audience and to choose contacts for the next campaigns based on the results of your previous sales activities.

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Let’s take Dooozen to the next level! Try Beta now!

Let’s take Dooozen to the next level! Try Beta now!

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Our future

Dooozen is a new tool and there is a long path ahead of our team! Our next steps will be:


Creating APIs for easy integration of Dooozen and other marketing tools

New features

Developing several new features, including those for managing multiple LinkedIn accounts


Adding AI (text recognition, text mining) for making prospecting and messaging more intelligent

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Common questions

What is Dooozen?

Dooozen is a LinkedIn automation tool, which allows you to send mass messages and connections requests without doing a manual routine job. Dooozen was created by sales professionals and will be a perfect match for you if you do sales and prospecting on LinkedIn, grow your brand, look for new job opportunities.

How do I send multiple messages and follow-ups on LinkedIn?

Search people on LinkedIn and export contacts to Dooozen via Chrome Extension. When you export your contacts to Dooozen, you can easily create, set up, and launch your sales campaign. It will take you not more than 5 minutes!

How many connection requests and messages can I send a day?

Dooozen can send an unlimited number of connection requests and messages, BUT there is one important thing, which you should take into account. This thing is connected to LinkedIn policies that restrict the overuse of the network. In case if your activity on LinkedIn looks like spam, your account may be restricted. To avoid this, Dooozen sets up the following limits: 100 messages per day, 150 connections requests per day. These limits will be followed automatically.

Does Dooozen work with Sales Navigator?

You can also use Dooozen if you do sales prospecting on Sales Navigator. Find your leads on Sales Navigator, export contacts via Dooozen Chrome Extension, set up your campaign, and enjoy LinkedIn automation with Dooozen.

Is it safe to use Dooozen for LinkedIn automation?

Dooozen is safe for your account until you do follow our policies and limits. We urge you not to send spammy messages and connection requests as it may impact your account on LinkedIn negatively.

What makes Dooozen different?

Dooozen has a simple and intuitive design, which makes the process of LinkedIn automation really pleasant. Our team has added only the most demanded features that will cover 99% of your needs if you do prospecting and sales on LinkedIn. Together with Dooozen, you will also be able to measure the performance of your sales campaign and make changes “on-fly”.