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How to do a Mass Messaging on LinkedIn

How do I send a mass message on LinkedIn?


Linkedin is one of the most popular social media platforms for spreading your business network. For sales representatives, LinkedIn permits generating leads and connecting with dozens of new candidates daily. How can you get in touch with the largest number of people in the shortest time? How can you send a mass message to your Linkedin connections? A proficient sales manager needs to know the answer.


How to do a Mass Messaging on LinkedIn - 1




How to Send Mass Messages on LinkedIn Option 1


The first option of mass messaging on LinkedIn is sending a message to a group of connections without any external automation tools. You should not overuse this option, otherwise your actions may be considered as a spam and your account might be restricted by LinkedIn algorithms. That’s why you should choose only relevant connections and prepare an appropriate message for them to start the conversation.


Here are 6 steps for using this option:

1. Open your LinkedIn inbox.

2. Choose the “More” button (three dots) in the right corner.


How to do a Mass Messaging on LinkedIn - 2


3. Choose “New group conversation”.


How to do a Mass Messaging on LinkedIn - 3


4. Type the names of 1st level connections you would like to send a message to (the maximum number of group participants is 50).


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5. Type a name for this group conversation.


How to do a Mass Messaging on LinkedIn - 5


6. Compose a message and click the “Send” button.


This option is not the most convenient for daily routine work since all group participants can see the other members in the group and all the answers to the conversation.




How to Send Mass Message on LinkedIn Option 2


The next and most widely-used option for mass messaging on LinkedIn is using third-party tools for automation. There are several LinkedIn automation tools available on the market. We know that Dooozen stands out thanks to its simplicity, integrity, and affordable pricing. But, Dooozen is not only one on the market.


So, how do you choose the automation tool to bring you maximum value while prospecting on LinkedIn?


1.   Set up your LinkedIn automation goals.

LinkedIn automation goals highly depend on your personal or professional interests. Those goals may be:

  • growing your professional network;
  • growing personal brand power;
  • lead generation and prospecting as a part of social selling;
  • looking for investments;
  • recruiting.


Each of the aforementioned LinkedIn automation goals requires different activities that may be automated.


What exactly can be automated with the help of automation tools? Here is a list:

1. sending invitations to connect on LinkedIn;

2. sending a follow-up message;

3. auto-visiting profiles;

4. sending messages to 1st level connections;

5. sending InMails;

6. extracting profiles and companies;

7. inviting people to a group;

8. inviting people to follow a company’s page;

9. endorsing connections.


2.   Define the list of features which the perfect automation tool should have.

It is important to understand that leading prospecting tools do not facilitate sales or win any deals, they just help you connect with people and look for prospective clients. Most automation tools provide users with similar functionality, but some of them have additional features which differentiate them.


You have to define which features are most important for you (depending on your goals) and, thus, choose the right automation tool for you. At the moment, the most popular tools for LinkedIn automation are Dux-Soup, LinkedHelper, and Lead-Connect. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages due to the different number and complexity of functions they perform.


For example, the most popular tool, LinkedHelper, does not provide features for setting up follow-up campaigns. Furthermore, it is known for the complexity of its interface, the inability to integrate with a CRM system, and the absence of teamwork possibilities. Dux-Soup provides its users with the biggest range of functions in comparison with other tools, but you have to pay far more for a subscription.


3.   Test different tools to define the best.

As almost each LinkedIn automation tool provides its users with a trial period, it is a good idea for you to try it out and see whether it satisfies all your requirements, whether it is comfortable in use, etc. Testing a tool in practice is the best way of forming a decision about which tool to use.


4.   Enjoy your LinkedIn automation process.

Once you’ve chosen the best solution for lead generation, enjoy the process and achieve your goals. But you should always remember that what really matters in lead generation isn’t which tool you are using but the way you are using it.


5.   Choose a tool that will benefit you in the long-term.

To help inform your decision, you should think about both your short-term and long-term goals. Above all, you need a LinkedIn automation tool that will help you effectively manage all the campaigns and contacts you created even a year ago. That’s why these tools need to save the history of your contacts, have a smart filters system, and provide a smart and useful interface. All these features will be available on Dooozen soon. Check our solution here.


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Can I send a mass message on LinkedIn?

Yes, there are 2 options for mass messaging on LinkedIn – sending a message to a group of connections without using any external automation tools or using 3rd party tools for LinkedIn automation.


How do I send a message to all my LinkedIn contacts at once?

Sending a message to a group allows you to add a maximum of 50 participants to that group. When you use a tool for LinkedIn automation, you may gather as many 1st level contacts in a list as possible, and send a message to all of them. Each dialogue is unique; people will not see the other recipients of the message.


How many LinkedIn messages can I send?

There is no strict limit on the number of messages you can send daily, but we suggest that you don’t exceed 100 messages per day, otherwise your activity may be considered as spam, and your LinkedIn account may be restricted.



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