How To Improve Your LinkedIn Automation campaign




How To Improve Your LinkedIn Automation campaign?

LinkedIn automation is the process that could bring any salesperson prominent results, but only if it is done in the right way. Before starting your first LinkedIn automation campaign, you should take into consideration a lot of important factors that are crucial for a campaign’s effectiveness.


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These are such factors as:

  • the view of your LinkedIn profile;
  • the clear goal of an automation campaign;
  • a correct message you send to prospects;
  • a correct automation tool that fits your needs;
  • sending follow-up messages;
  • creating a proper signature for InMails;
  • checking the number of pending invitations on LinkedIn;
  • creating different message templates;
  • setting a follow-up campaign when you are online;
  • avoiding being too sally;
  • avoiding creating long-lasting campaigns.


You can read more about each of the aforementioned factors in the article here.


But, when you have successfully started your first automation campaigns and get first results, you should think in the direction on how to improve the results you may get. And this is the point which is described below in the next 7 steps.




1. Narrow target audience


If you have started your first campaign by sending the template message to a very broad audience (for example, founders in Germany), this is the right time to narrow your target audience as much as possible. The narrower your target audience is, the more effective your campaign is. In this case, you are able to create a personalized message which usually brings more replies.


You should narrow the target audience based on the number of criteria, such as:

  • location (a particular region or city);
  • industry;
  • position in the company;
  • company size;
  • years of occupation in the company;
  • keywords etc.




And, finally, do not forget that LinkedIn limits a search to 1000 results, so narrowing your target audience up to 1000 contacts for a list will assure all those potential clients will be covered by your automation tool.




2. Test messages


The best option on how to check the effectiveness of your message and correctness of choice of target audience is to test messages. 


To begin with, you can select a narrow audience and create a message for this particular audience. After some period of time, check the campaign statistics, and, if you are not satisfied with the results, you can change the message to the same target audience and compare the campaigns statistics.


On the other hand, if you are happy with the campaign results, you can use the same message but for another list of prospects, and also check and compare the results.




3. Change messages


This step is a little bit similar to the previous when we tested different messages for different groups of people. Do not be afraid to change messages you send. Be creative and flexible. Try long or short messages, direct and straightforward with blurred ones, messages containing a lot of details and messages without any particular details. You never know how your prospects perceive the messages you send them. That’s why, do not be afraid to change them and check the results.




4. Add chains of follow-ups


After sending an invitation request together with a note message (never forget about the note message) do not forget about a chain of follow-ups. Depending on the campaign goals, you may send from 1 to 3-4 follow-ups. But, in any case, at least one follow-up is the must, because a person may have missed a note message (especially if he/she uses LinkedIn from their smartphone, in this case a note message is not properly seen in the invitation requests. 

Check templates on how to create the best working note message in the article here.




5. Combine LinkedIn outreach with email outreach


The LinkedIn automation campaign is not the only tool on how to reach your target audience. The best way to increase the response rate and the effectiveness of your lead generation is to combine LinkedIn outreach with email outreach. 


How that works on practice:

  • create a narrow list of prospects.
  • create a LinkedIn automation campaign (note message +1-2 follow-up messages).
  • filter your first list and delete those people who have already answered you on LinkedIn.
  • use emails of the rest of the contacts for the email campaign. Send them a chain of 1-2-3 emails.
  • see the combined results of 2 campaigns subsequently.




6. Share valuable content


If you would like to be efficient in selling through LinkedIn in a long-term perspective you have to create your content strategy and follow it. When you share useful content on your LinkedIn page, you build up the company brand, increase the trust of prospecting customers to you and the company you represent, and tempt them to make a buying decision. 


If you create content that provides useful information for your potential clients, they will subscribe to your profile and begin to trust you. Moreover, do not forget about your company’s page and content on it. Describe your services, show your best cases, and results of your work, feedback from your existing clients, and you will get new leads immediately.

Read more about marketing on LinkedIn and content strategy in the article.




7. Buy a premium account


Having a premium account on LinkedIn has a lot of advantages for your automation campaigns.




Which benefits shall you get?

  • extended LinkedIn network access – removes the search limitations of the Commercial Use Limits of the free accounts;
  • possibility of sending InMails;
  • ‘Who’s Viewed My Profile’ option;
  • open Profile & Gold Badge;
  • LinkedIn Learning – access to more than 13,000 courses created by industry experts on LinkedIn Learning and

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1. What is LinkedIn automation?

LinkedIn automation is the process of using tools to automatically send out connection requests, follow-ups messages, and any other activity you would otherwise have to perform manually on the platform.


2. When should I use tools for lead generation on LinkedIn?

If you use LinkedIn for lead generation, hiring, or growing a network, you will have a lot of daily routines to perform. You can either do everything manually or use a tool for lead generation to avoid these routine tasks, giving you more time to communicate directly with prospective clients.


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