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How to stay safe while doing LinkedIn automation

If you are a salesperson using LinkedIn in your daily routine, LinkedIn automation is a way to engage more effectively and boost sales. However, the first thing everyone should consider is how to stay safe while doing automation on LinkedIn, and whether these automation tools are safe or not, to avoid being restricted or blocked by LinkedIn policies and regulations.

How to stay safe while doing LinkedIn automation




Why have LinkedIn automation tools become so popular?


LinkedIn, being a huge global business social network, is becoming more and more popular every day. It is a social network designed specifically for the business community. Serving the same functions as Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels, it is aimed at establishing professional relationships and growing your career. Over 65 million professionals use LinkedIn to cultivate their careers and businesses.


So, if you are using LinkedIn every day for work, whether you are searching for leads, hiring, or extending your professional network, it is challenging and time-consuming to do everything manually. That’s why LinkedIn automation tools were created, as they enable the user to automate dozens of everyday tasks – sending connection requests, sending follow-up messages, sending messages to 1st connections, sending InMails, etc. Automation tools free up users, so that they can concentrate on more important things like establishing fruitful relationships with their prospective clients, closing sales, etc.




7 tips for safe usage of LinkedIn automation tools

As stated in the LinkedIn User Agreement:


1. You agree that you will not develop, support or use software, devices, scripts, robots, or any other means or processes (including crawlers, browser plugins and add-ons, or any other technology) to scrape the Services or otherwise copy profiles and other data from the Services.

2. You agree not to use bots or other automated methods to access the Services, add or download contacts, send or redirect messages.


This means that if you use any LinkedIn automation tool, you are violating the LinkedIn User Agreement regulations and may be subject to restrictions. That’s why the first and the most important thing to consider before using any tool for LinkedIn automation is safety. When used correctly, LinkedIn automation tools are safe and will only bring you benefits. But what does safe usage of those tools mean?


First of all, calculate your LinkedIn Range (LR) as 3.5–5% of your total number of connections. This is the maximum number of profiles you can view every day. If, for example, you have 5000 connections, your LR is 175–250 profiles.


Incidentally, all LinkedIn Sales Navigator users are able to view 500 profiles daily.


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So, how do you stay safe while using LinkedIn automation tools?

1.    Keep an eye on your maximum number of new invitation requests.

If you are just starting to expand your network on LinkedIn and do not have a big number of connections, you should be very careful only to send connection requests to people you are already familiar with. Start by sending 30–40 invitations per day and increase this number slowly. Based on our experience working with LinkedIn, the maximum number of invitation requests is 100 per day to prevent being blocked, but it’s better to send 60–80 on a daily basis to stay safe.


2.    Sending messages to your 1st level connections.

A second limit is the number of messages to your 1st level connections. We advise you not to exceed 60 personal messages per day in order to stay safe.


3.    Restrictions are the first sign, so do not ignore this.

If you use LinkedIn automation tools on a daily basis, your account will be restricted sooner or later. The first restriction is not serious; it is usually withdrawn in 1–2 days and does not require you to take any action. But it is a sign that you should be cautious because your profile will be at risk from now on. Check whether you are following all the limits for safe LinkedIn automation stated in this article, in order to avoid being blocked permanently.

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4.    Do not forget to withdraw pending invitations.

If you want to stay safe while using LinkedIn automation, do not forget to withdraw pending invitations. This number should not exceed 500–700, but the lower the better. Having too many pending invitations is a red flag for LinkedIn algorithms, because it is a sign that you want to connect with people you do not know personally, and that they do not want to accept your connection requests.


5.    Your LinkedIn automation tool should mimic user behavior.

As LinkedIn prohibits using any external tools, the only way to avoid being blocked is to use those tools that mimic your natural behavior. Check whether your automation tool is scrolling through pages, clicking on buttons, and whether you can set your own limits, timelines, start and stop campaigns at any time.

Read more about how to choose a proper LinkedIn automation tool that satisfies your needs in the article here.


6.    Remain active while using LinkedIn automation tools.

When you use LinkedIn automation tools during your everyday routine, do not forget about your SSI rate which is an indicator that measures how effective you are at establishing your professional brand, finding the right people, engaging with insights, and building relationships. That’s why the SSI rate significantly decreases the risk of being blocked by LinkedIn algorithms. The higher SSI rate you have, the higher credibility your profile is, and the lower the chance of being blocked. You can find your SSI here.


So, if you use any LinkedIn automation tools, remember to post interesting and relevant content on your profile – articles, text and video posts, etc. The more views, likes and comments you get, the higher your SSI rate will be.

Read more about social selling and SSI on LinkedIn in this article.


7.    Consider using Sales Navigator.

If you have a Sales Navigator subscription or LinkedIn Premium, the limits for your LinkedIn account are higher and you have a lower chance of being restricted by LinkedIn algorithms. So, if you use tools for LinkedIn automation on a daily basis, it is sensible to subscribe to Sales Navigator or LinkedIn Premium to stay safe and avoid being blocked.


Any do not forget that using any tool for LinkedIn automation is not a guarantee of sales success through LinkedIn, because connecting with people and sending them messages is only the first step. Your success depends largely on how you continue the conversation with a prospective client, engage their interest and close a deal.


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1.     Is it safe to use a LinkedIn automation tool?

Although using any kind of external tool is prohibited by the LinkedIn User Agreement, using LinkedIn automation tools is safe as long as you follow 7 important rules:

  • Do not send more than 100 connection requests per day;
  • Do not send more than 60 personal messages to your 1st connections per day;
  • Be careful when your account is restricted for the first time;
  • Withdraw any pending invitations;
  • Ensure your tool for LinkedIn automation mimics user behaviour;
  • Keep an eye on your SSI rate;
  • Subscribe to Sales Navigator or LinkedIn Premium.

2. Is Dooozen is a safe tool for automation?

Yes, Dooozen is safe, as it is a LinkedIn tool for automation which follows all the limits described in the article above (number of connection requests, number of messages to first connections) and it mimics natural user behavior. Remain active on LinkedIn, keep tabs on your SSI rate, use Dooozen, and enjoy your lead generation process.


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