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Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile Using Keywords

If you want to be effective on LinkedIn, you need to pay attention to keywords search terms entered on any search engine that helps compile a list of websites or pages where they are listed. In terms of LinkedIn, keywords are the words you enter into a LinkedIn search field and then receive a list of profiles that contain those keywords. 


Keywords are important in two ways. Firstly, whenever you need to narrow your target audience or create a list for a lead generation tool, you can use specific keywords to search for relevant profiles. Alternatively, when a professional needs certain services that you (and, naturally, your competitors) provide, they will use keywords to search for this. That’s why you need to focus on them if you want your profile to appear more frequently in searches.


Read more about using keywords to search for relevant profiles in our article about the boolean search.


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Keywords define whether your profile appears at the top of the list (among your competitors) or at the bottom. You also need to understand which keywords matter, to attract the right people. 


How can you define which keywords are better to use in your profile?


The first stage of every campaign or task is to define your final goal. If your final goal is to gain new clients and offer them your service, you have to create a list of keywords that define your skills and services. If, for example, a potential client needs to develop a landing page, s/he might type into the search field “web development company”. And if your profile contains these keywords, it will be on the list. 


So, you need to define the specific terms related to your industry and your services and include them in your profile. Moreover, it’s a good idea to look through the profiles of your direct competitors to be aware of the keywords commonly used in your industry, so that you don’t miss anything.


Where should you place keywords?


You can (and it’s a good idea to) use keywords all over your profile, but the most important sections are:

  • headline;
  • profile summary;
  • content (posts and articles);
  • experience;
  • skills.


If you or your company provide a specific list of services, write all of them (as a numbered list) in your profile summary. If you have completed a project, add several specific keywords that will attract potential clients who are looking for something similar as a result of this work spec. When you create useful content on your profile, add keywords relevant to the industry you are talking about, so that people working in that industry can easily pick out your profile from among others, and can see that you are an expert who could be useful to them.


Here are examples of people’s profiles which are enriched with specific keywords:


Profile example-2



If, for example, you type “artificial intelligence” into a search field, you will get the following results:


Artificial intelligence-4




Here, we have highlighted where these keywords (“artificial intelligence”) appear within a person’s profile:


AI profile-6


AI profile-7


And one more profile:


AI profile-8


AI profile-9


As you can see, keywords are the key to your LinkedIn profile, so make them work for you. Having a profile that speaks about your brand, expertise and abilities tells the potential customer more about your value as a professional than those messages you send. Leveraging the right keywords appropriately will maximise your LinkedIn profile while you prospect on LinkedIn. 

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1. How do you get noticed on LinkedIn?

Besides improving your LinkedIn profile (read our tips on how to improve your profile on LinkedIn in our article), you can also enrich your LinkedIn profile using keywords that are relevant to the industry you represent and the services you provide. In this case, your profile will appear more frequently in search results. 


2. What should I put on LinkedIn if I am unemployed?

If you are unemployed but are currently looking for a job, you should start by filling in the field of your previous work experience (company, years, position, main achievements) and then indicate in your headline that you are looking for a job, in order to attract recruiters’ attention. Enrich your profile with relevant keywords, so that they appear in recruiters’ search results. 


3. How do I find keywords on LinkedIn?

When you enter any keyword into a search field on LinkedIn, you will see the results come up a list of people, groups, jobs, content, etc., which all contain that keyword. The more often a keyword is on the list, the higher this profile (or group) ranks in the search results.


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