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Pros and Cons of LinkedIn Automation

Right now, LinkedIn is the best social network to help its users find potential customers and partners and to grow their professional network. When working with LinkedIn, you deal with a number of routine tasks daily, all of which takes a lot of time. LinkedIn does not allow you to automate those actions, but there is a solution: LinkedIn automation tools.


Pros and Cons of LinkedIn automation


LinkedIn automation is a process that can bring any salesperson prominent results, but only if it is done in the right way. So, before launching your first campaign you have to be aware of the pros and cons of LinkedIn automation in order to make the right decisions.


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Advantages of LinkedIn Automation


1. Automating a lot of routine tasks.

If you use LinkedIn for your everyday work, whether you are doing lead generation, hiring, searching for a job, or extending your professional network, you have a lot of tasks to perform daily, such as sending connection requests, sending follow-up messages, sending messages to people in your network, sending invitations to join a group, sending InMails, etc. If you use any of the available automation tools, you do not have to perform those tasks manually, which results in having free time for more important tasks such as establishing fruitful relationships with prospective clients, closing sales, etc.


Here is a list of actions which can be automated with the help of tools:

  • sending invitations to connect on LinkedIn;
  • sending a follow-up message;
  • auto-visiting profiles;
  • sending messages to 1st level connections;
  • sending InMails;
  • extracting profiles and companies;
  • inviting people to join a group;
  • inviting people to follow the company’s page;
  • endorsing connections.


2. Work without working.

The second advantage of LinkedIn automation is that you can launch your automation campaign and leave it to run on its own which is useful if you have to finish another task or even have a personal issue. The tool will work without your needing to intervene, if you set up the settings properly.


3. Receiving ready leads.

When you use any LinkedIn automation tool, you simply have to define the goal for the campaign, select your target audience, narrow it down as much as possible, and launch an automation tool for 2 subsequent actions – sending invitation requests and sending follow-up messages several days after the first action. As a result, you will receive ready leads, people who are interested in your services, and you can get in touch with them directly.


4. Ease of processing leads.

When you use a LinkedIn automation tool, you will always be able to check which campaign  you originally received the lead from, and check all the necessary filters you applied to that campaign, for example, geography, company size, position, etc. You do not need to do all this manually, the details will already be stored in the information about your automated campaigns.




Disadvantages of LinkedIn Automation


1. Risk of being restricted or blocked.

If you use LinkedIn automation tools on a daily basis, your account may be restricted sooner or later because LinkedIn policies and regulations do not allow the use of any external tools or programs. For this reason, you must follow all the ‘safe use’ limits of automation tools to prevent your profile being blocked.


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2. Risk of being blocked permanently.

This disadvantage is the long-term result of the con listed above, because if after the first or second restriction of your account you continue using automation tools, your account may be permanently blocked, and you will no longer be able to add new people to your connections, which imposes strict limits to your everyday work on LinkedIn. Of course you can always just create a new LinkedIn profile, but naturally this demands a great deal of time in terms of boosting it, increasing the number of connections, posting content, etc.


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3. Competition from other automation tools on the market.

There are several LinkedIn automation tools available on the market. So each user has to choose the automation tool which will bring him/her maximum value while prospecting on LinkedIn. There is a lot to consider, such as the important features a tool has, its price, user safety, etc. It will also take quite a while to test out different tools and make an informed decision.


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4. Expense of LinkedIn automation tools subscription.

If you are keen to use a tool for LinkedIn automation, price also matters as the best tools on the market are not cheap whereas doing everything manually is of course free of charge. So you have to work out whether LinkedIn automation is truly necessary, or whether you can do everything manually to save money.


To sum up, although LinkedIn automation brings a number of disadvantages and risks, it does however hugely facilitate the daily routine of every salesperson, recruiter, job seeker, etc. It is the next generation for each and every person using LinkedIn.


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1. Is it safe to use LinkedIn automation tools on a daily basis?

Although using external tools is prohibited by the LinkedIn User Agreement, using LinkedIn automation tools is safe as long as you follow 7 very important rules:

  • Do not send more than 100 connection requests per day;
  • Do not send more than 60 personal messages to your 1st level connections per day;
  • Tread carefully when your account is restricted for the first time;
  • Withdraw pending invitations;
  • Ensure your LinkedIn automation tool mimics user behaviour;
  • Keep an eye on your SSI rate;
  • Subscribe to Sales Navigator or LinkedIn Premium.


2. Which tools for LinkedIn automation are the most popular on the market nowadays?

Nowadays, the most popular tools for LinkedIn automation are Dux-Soup, LinkedHelper and Lead-Connect. Each of these has its own advantages and disadvantages due to the different number and complexity of functions they perform. Do not forget to try Dooozen – an automation tool that will help you avoid the daily grind while working with LinkedIn.


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