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Brief guide on how to set up Dooozen account

Before you start using Dooozen.io as your LinkedIn automation tool, please make sure that:


  1. You have your own Gmail account to sign up for Dooozen.
  2. You have installed the Google Chrome browser. 
  3. You accept Dooozen.io terms of use and privacy policy.

To sign up, you have to:


  1. Go to https://app.dooozen.io and choose your Gmail account to authenticate as a user.
  2. Connect your LinknedIn account. Make sure that you are logged into the LinkedIn account you are going to use for the automation purpose before your start setting up the Dooozen account.
  3. Finally, install the Dooozen.io Chrome Extension available in the Chrome Store.


You can start your first automation campaign when you are ready with all three actions. 


Would you love to manage multiple LinkedIn accounts? Read this article to know how to do that.


IMPORTANT! Do not forget to pin Dooozen on your Chrome in the upper right corner of the browser.

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Last update: 11.01.2022


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