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I have launched a campaign, but nothing happens on LinkedIn – what should I do?

If you have set up your campaign on app.dooozen.io but nothing happens on your LinkedIn account, please do the following:

Step 1. Go to https://app.dooozen.io and check if you have pressed the “Run all activities” button on the admin panel. After pressing the “Run all activities” button, Dooozen creates an
activities queue and launches all your active campaigns.


The correct state of the button to run all activities is on the screen below: 

Pause all activities

When you are just starting your journey with Dooozen and you have launched your first campaign, please visit the “Activities queue” page and follow the hint, which may look like on the screen below:

Hints run activities

Step 2. Make sure that you have set up the “Working hours” correctly. Visit your account page at app.dooozen.io and make sure that you are trying to run your campaign within working hours.

Working hours

Step 3. Make sure that you have active campaigns. Visit the campaigns page on https://app.dooozen.io to ensure that you have active campaigns. It may appear that you have missed adding contacts to the drafted campaign or all your campaigns are finished or paused.


The sample of campaigns page when nothing happens on LinkedIn is on the screen below:

Sample nothing happens

Step 4. Another reason why Dooozen may seem to be not active on LinkedIn (no messages and invitations sent per some period) is that your LinkedIn account has probably reached weekly limits for sending invitations and messages.


In such a case, Dooozen creates an activity queue and sets up the activities for next Monday. 


To make sure that you have reached your weekly invitations limit on LinkedIn, add 2nd or 3rd level connection manually. If the limit is reached, you will get a proper notification on LinkedIn. 


If you think that you have launched your campaigns correctly, your limits on LinkedIn have not been reached, please contact us, and we will investigate your case in detail. 


Email us at woof@dooozen.io


Last update: 06/01/2022

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