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Is it safe to use Dooozen?

Dooozen’s team takes care of your profile safety and has taken all measures needed to achieve the security of your LinkedIn automation.


To make sure that you stay safe while running your automation campaigns, we have limited the number of per day actions you can take on LinkedIn. The numbers are:


  1. No more than 50 messages to be sent to 1st level connections per day.
  2. No more than 50 invitations to connect to be sent to 2nd and 3rd level connections per day.


We have also set up limits of per hour actions and keep these numbers in the range:


  1. From 10 to 15 invitations to connect per hour.
  2. From 10 to 15 messages to 1st level connections per hour.


Our goal is to achieve the human-like behavior of Dooozen on LinkedIn. Additionally, we are taking the following measures:


  1. Dooozen does not keep your LinkedIn password and log in.
  2. Dooozen does not inject the LinkedIn interface.
  3. Dooozen does not allow users to connect a single LinkedIn profile to multiple Dooozen profiles.
  4. Dooozen performs all actions in the timezone within 10 hours time frame. As a user, you set up a preferable time zone for your account.
  5. Dooozen’s engineering team keeps an eye on LinkedIn policies and algorithms to make sure that you stay safe while using our solution to automate your campaigns. 


When managing LinkedIn automation campaigns, you have to take care of your profile safety. How to manage automation campaigns and do not spam your connections, read our blog article here. 


Would you love to know more about Dooozen and how we handle the security issues, you are welcome to send us an email at woof@dooozen.io


Last update: 11.01.2022


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