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Should I keep my Chrome, Dooozen, or LinkedIn profiles open to run campaigns?

To make your campaigns run, you have to:


  1. Keep your computer turned on.
  2. Stay logged into your LinkedIn and Dooozen.io accounts.
  3. Run Chrome browser at least one time after your restart your computer.


There is no need to keep LinkedIn or https://app.dooozen.io website open to run your campaigns. 


You can also close your Chrome browser. Dooozen Chrome Extention will continue working in the background mode. To check if Dooozen Chrome extension is active, click on the Chrome icon in the admin panel on your computer’s main screen.





  1. Dooozen will not run your campings if your computer falls into sleep mode or when it is turned off.
  2. To make your campaigns run after your computer restart, you have to launch your Chrome browser at least one time.


Last update: 11/01/2022

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