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Three things to check before you set up Dooozen account


When you have decided to create your Dooozen account and launch your first LinkedIn automation campaign, please make sure that:


1. You have a Google Chrome browser. Dooozen is a web application and Dooozen Chrome Extention. To work with Dooozen, you need to use the Google Chrome browser.

2. You have a Google account. Dooozen authenticates users through their Google profiles. When you create an account on Dooozen, it will ask your permission to use your Google profile to authenticate you as a user and will take your Gmail and name used on Google to create a profile.

3. You have logged into the LinkedIn profile you would like to use. Dooozen will ask you to specify the LinkedIn account, which you’d like to connect to your Dooozen profile.


If you use multiple LinkedIn account (2 or more), you’ll need to create separate Dooozen and Google Chrome profiles. Read more about “How to set up multiple LinkedIn accounts”.


Last update: 11/01/2022

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