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What is Dooozen?


Dooozen is a LinkedIn automation tool.


Thanks to Dooozen, you will be able to send multiple connection requests, messages, and follow-ups in an automated mode. 


Dooozen is an online solution that consists of the web application available on app.dooozen.io and Chrome Extension.


To use Dooozen, you have to register online on app.dooozen.io and install Chrome Extension, which will help you gather contacts on LinkedIn, export them to your web application, and launch campaigns. 


Dooozen has several features that will make your lead generation and networking on LinkedIn more efficient. To read more about the capabilities of Dooozen, please visit our “Features” page.

Using Dooozen.io, you can: 

  1. Send multiple connection requests to 2nd and 3rd level connections on LinkedIn
  2. Send messages to 1st level connections
  3. Send various follow-up messages within your campaigns
  4. Analyze the performance of your automation campaigns thanks to the advanced statistics
  5. Plan and launch multiple campaigns

To know more about Dooozen features, visit our “Feature” page or contact us at woof@dooozen.io

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